The Row

“What was he doing here?” Arthur asked, trying to keep his voice under control.

“Who?” Charlotte replied, “You don’t mean Henry do you?”

“Of course I mean bloody Henry!” Arthur snapped “Why? Do you have another man hiding in here somewhere?” he demanded, rounding on his wife.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Charlotte laughed, “You always were a funny one.”

“Don’t talk down to me!” the words came out closer to a snarl that sentence, “You think I haven’t noticed!”

Charlotte rolled her eyes dramatically.

“There is nothing to notice Arthur. You’re over reacting as always.”


“Yes.” Charlotte said slowly, “A man who also happened to be the son of a very good friend of my father’s. I couldn’t simply refuse to speak to him now, could I?” she laughed again.

“You should have.” Arthur muttered darkly.


“I SAID YOU SHOULD HAVE!” he bellowed, “I not right! It’s not proper!”

“Now Arthur.” Charlotte soothed, “You’re getting yourself all worked up over such a silly little thing.”

“Silly?” Arthur panted exasperatedly, “No silly is your need to carry a spare bonnet with you to church in case someone else has worn the same one as you! This is not silly!”

Charlotte shook her head wordlessly.

“I’m going to bed Arthur. I’m too tired to have this fight again.”

“Then listen to me for once! You must stop this behaviour Charlotte! Before it destroys us!”

“Goodnight Arthur.” She answered sharply, snapping the door shut behind her.

“Charlotte, I-”

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