False Fairytale

Seriously Snow White!
He stole your kiss in the night!
Isn’t that just…
Prehaps a little creepy.
I mean if the guy can’t find a girl
Who is at least breathing.

And Rapunzele darling!
Have you never thought about your hair!
Use a hair grip
And pick the door lock!
You didn’t need to wait around
For some guy to help you to the ground!

Cinderella well…
What can I say? A glass slipper…
If it takes dressing up
To make the guy stand and stare,
I wouldn’t be bothered
Find someone less shallow who’ll care!

Now Sleeping beauty!
Now let me just say…
He woke you up thats all
Doesn’t mean he’ll have to stay!
In fact you’ll find, at least with me.
If he woke me up he’d be as dead as can be!

Now I’m not saying
That all guys are bad!
Just none are all perfect
But I can live with that.
Its the flaws that count as much as the good.
The highlight the bits that you love.

My message though?
I thought it was clear?
Female we rock!
Have you not seen us in heels!
We can do the impossible things
Not just one at a time!
And still look amazing
There is no past her prime!
And the guys?
Can you blame them
They have to make up the stories
All fairy tales
To keep up the facade
That we’re not better than them.
Because what are they really?
Without all the ego?
Would you still love them?
There is something about
That outer shell
That makes us girls want to
Break through all the more.

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