I could lie.
Say that I didn’t cry.
Didn’t scream
Or curse
Screech at the sky!

I could lie.
Say that I was cold.
Like ice
No feeling
No hurt in my soul.

But I don’t lie.
I speak my mind.
The truth
Those lies
They’re left over from you!

I did scream
And yell and shout.
Broke this
Broke that
Smashed stuff about.

Then I stopped.
I calmed and stepped back.
Realised I didn’t really care.

So came the change.
I chopped my hair short.
Went shopping
Bought shoes
Created a whole new look for me.

Then kicked open the door!
Strode straight out
Without you anywhere about!

With my best friends!
Who hung on to my arms
Me from anymore of your harm!

They stuck with me
And you really hated them!
You’re nothing like that!

I’ve got them,
And they’ll always have me
So go
Turn away
I’ve got all that I need!

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