Hollow Out My Heart

You begged for forgiveness
With scrapped up knees,
And I stood on my steeple
With nothing to steady me.
The hollow of your words
Drowned out these chapel bells
And I struggled not to slip,
Knowing you wouldn’t catch me if I fell.
If the air is too thin,
Then why does it seem
That here I can think!
While with you I can’t breathe?
These lines between lies,
They blur into truth!
And the crows in the graveyard,
They recognize your tune.
The magic of the bard,
A lair’s way with words.
They wait for fresh meat,
For me to fall at your feet.

So you must sew up forgiveness,
Stitch it to my lips,
And have me recite it
Edit out my slips or quips

You apologies for lying,
You never meant to cheat
And though I’ll nod along,
Mimic your rhythm and the beat-
My acceptance is falsehood
As much as any of your deceits.

Graveyard 001


  1. I was going to comment on the “sew forgiveness into my lips” line, but looks like timotheous128 beat me to it. Really great poem. Your imagery is incredible and you have a great flow. Keep writing!

    – Autore

    1. Thank you. This is actually quite an old poem since I’ve written quite a bit more recently. I’ve been umming and arring over if I should include it in a collection I want to self publish or not.

      1. Your self-publishing a collection? That’s great! Good luck! I say include it because I think this poem is so visual and emotional that it ought to be included, but I still have to read more of your other poems because they might all be this good. 🙂

        1. Thank you for the faith. I’ve been unsure about self-publishing only from the viewpoint of a lot of my work goes online and I didn’t know if people would want to pay for a physical copy of something they could view online.

          1. I think that there’s such a difference in the reading experience if you’re reading online or with a physical book that you don’t have to worry about that too much. Plus you can always use your work published online as a platform for a collection. Anyways, good luck, and keep me updated about the self-publishing.

            – Autore

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