10 ways to break your uni leasing agreement. (Well, almost)

Switching onto Facebook this morning, I was reminded once again, that in less than a week I will be leaving home for a university dorm room. Yesterday my feeds were filled with friends, all leaving earlier than me, and boasting about leaving their home towns behind for greener Pasteur. This morning it is my article feeds that have thrown up the impending, life altering change that is charging towards me.

‘Ten tips on how to make your dorms feel more homely’. I’ve paraphrased but never mind. This was the article trending on my news feeds when I logged into Facebook, but an image of a bedroom at least twice the size of any dorm room that I’ve ever seen, running next to it.

Some of the tips that it’s lists are quite cool. For example, you can use the fluid in glow sticks to create brilliant bedside lights. Just crack them open and pour the fluid into a jar of water, hey presto, a not quite lava lamp. Just watch out, the stuff in glow sticks will stain and it’s also really not healthy to get on your skin or consume. The light they give out will probably not do all that much either, so really, it’s simply something pretty to look at, or something that will keep you awake until you throw the closest hoodie over the jar.

Other tips are slightly more useful, albeit, a little obvious. Adding scatter cushions to your room will certainly add a bit of comfort, and make it feel more homely. However, most of the advice is useless for students like myself who are staying in dorms such as the ones at Bath Spa.

Have any of you ever read a licencing agreement for a university dorm.

Candles, as many may already assume, are a big no go. As is anything that may be attached to the walls. No glue, cello tape, tacks, pins or nails are to be attached to or put in the walls of a dorm room at Bath Spa. This means that the suggestion of posters and other similar ideas are out of the window. I can understand the university’s reasoning. Blue tack stains plaster, cello tape can remove plaster if you’re not careful and tacks leave obvious little holes. All of which would be left down to the university to repair each year before the next lot of first years moved in.

My plans are sorted though, I have numerous scatter cushions, new duvet covers, blankets, funky coloured folders and notepads. Everything I could want to make my dorm room as ‘me’ as possible.

Oh, I also have Eleanor:


Named after Eleanor of Aquitaine. I may have mentioned that I’m a bit of a history nut.

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