Sister Dearest

We do not hold hands.


These days,

Hugging is a concept you reserve

For first days home from uni

And the occasions

Where you simply wish to weird me out.


It is amusing,

That despite having three years on you,

I must reach up

And stand on my toes,

To level my head with yours.


My bigger, little sister.


Those days where we were called twins

Are long gone.

Much to the relief of us both,

And now we are compared more to our parents,

How I have taken Dad’s eyes,

And you are a Swinnerton without doubt.


These days,

Hugging is a concept that your reserve from me.


But the facts of the matters remain.

When you claim dominion over this world

And all possible others-


I’ll still get to annoy you without fear of losing my head.

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  1. I really like this, especially in the light that my sister & i recently discussed the fact we rarely hug or tell each other “I love you”. So, we’ve renewed the habit. We both know it, but it’s nice to hear and feel it, too.

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