English: this is the picture taken in san pete...
English: this is the picture taken in san peter church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will there be a day,

when legend and mythology

become the final refuge

of Christianity?


    1. My apologies, I don’t know how this comment has slipped by me for so long. I doubt you will even remember writing it by now but proper manners insist I reply even if it has been months.
      I’m glad for you that you have a faith so strong. I have never been very sure about religion on a whole and as such, have treated it like any other form of research and tried to gain as much and as varied a knowledge about it as I can. In the end I came to the decision that following a faith would not suit me and I simply did not have the blind belief in any one thing to do it, yet I do believe that as long as they do no harm to others, everyone should be able to follow any faith of their choosing without fear of discrimination.
      Thank you for commenting on wordpress almost a year ago. Once again, apologies that it took me so long to get around to replying.

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