Bike Ride Foliage

“There is a tree in my foot.” my sister said; hobbling in the doorway and making for the first aid box.

“What happened?” I asked, hand hovering over the T.V’s mute button as I turned towards the kitchen.

“I was attacked!” she grumbled. “The ground attacked me!”

“Oh really?” I said. “I don’t suppose your bike was the one to start it all?”

There was no answer.

“I mean really—”

I stood in the doorway; her holding the first aid box in both hands.

“That won’t be much help.” I said at last. “I’ll get the pruning shears from the shed.”




    1. Thank you. I will admit, the first line is actually what my sister said when she came in from a bike ride the other day. It took her a week to get the splinter out of her foot.


  1. It’s amazing the way even at tiny splinter can feel like a big section of a tree and yet be so difficult to get out, although I tend towards tweezers, rather than pruning shears. However, my splinters have obviously not been as serious as that of your sister. 🙂



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