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Friday Fictioneers (Two Attempts)


(Copyright for picture: Douglas M. Macllroy) 

The Right Height?

“How high?” he asked.

“High enough.” she replied dropping the rucksack to the ground. “High enough for us. For this.”

“You think so?” He shuffled forward, sending pebbles skittering towards edge.

“Don’t.” she said. “You’ll spoil the surface. We want this to be perfect.”

“Perfect.” he repeated, holding fast where he was. “You want this to be perfect.”

“We want this.” she insisted. “We’re doing this for us. Not me.”

“For us.” he nodded. “Have you got the camera?”

She muttered something and dived into the rucksack, rummaging around until she pulled free the Victorian style camera.

“Ready?” he asked.

In Love We Are Immortal

“Aphrodite.” he called, hands loose at his sides as he saw her standing near the edge once again. You could not see the mortal world from here, but she could pretend that they felt her watching.

“The others are waiting.” he told her. “Artemis and Apollo are already at each other’s throats; we need you to keep the places from going to hell. You know how much Hades creeps me out.”

Aphrodite shook her head.

“I want—”

“You can’t.” he said. “It’s been too long; he wasn’t like us, they weren’t like us!”

“They were mine.” she told him.

“They were mortal.” he replied. “Mortals die.”


I’m hoping I won’t get in trouble for writing two attempts for this prompt, I wrote the first thjis morning and then the second turned up while I was at work today.

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Carol Forrester is a twenty-four year old writer trying to be a better one. Don’t ask her what her hobbies are because the list doesn’t get much beyond, reading, writing and talking about the same. She has a 2:1 BA degree in history from Bath Spa University and various poems and stories scattered across the net. Her flash fiction story ‘Glorious Silence’ was named as River Ram Press’ short story of the month for August 2014 and her short story ‘A Visit From The Fortune Teller’ has been showcased on the literary site Ink Pantry’s. Most recently, her poem ‘Sunsets’ was featured on Eyes Plus Words, and her personal blog Writing and Works hosts a mass of writing from across the last five years. She has been lucky enough to write guest posts for sites such as Inky Tavern and Song of The Forlorn and is always open to writing more and hosting guest bloggers here on Writing and Works. With hopes of publishing a novel in the next five years and perhaps a collection or two of smaller works, Carol Forrester is nothing if not ambitious. Her writing tries to cover every theme in human life and a lot of her work pulls inspiration from her own eccentric family in the rural wonders of Shropshire life.


  1. summerstommy2 says

    I like them both Carol. I have the same issue so I use a separate blog. They are both engaging takes on the prompt. You write so well I look forward to your posts.

  2. Mystikel says

    I like them both too. The first was kind of tantalizing because you couldn’t quite feel like you were on solid ground with those two. I have met couples like that. I thought the second had a really strong ending and preferred it for that reason.
    Both were intriguing though and left me wanting to hear more.

    I think we can write multiple stories but are supposed to link them separately even if it’s a serial or they’re on the same blog.

    • I’ll hold that in mind for the future and thank you for the lovely comment. I love the comparison of not being on solid ground with the first one.

  3. Dear Carol,

    Nice stories and dialogue on both, although I was completely baffled by the first one. Ah the joys of the 100 word challenge.



  4. Hi, Carol. I somehow missed you on my journey through the stories, but am back to rectify the situation. The first story is definitely baffling and perhaps it was meant to be that way. They’re both well-written and I liked the second paragraph in the second one with the play on the place going to hell and Hades. 🙂


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