The Speech

She spent the morning sitting cross legged on the balcony of her hotel room. Not the patio furniture but the concrete slabs making up the structure.

“Are you ready?” asked her husband, walking out of the bathroom ten minutes before they were supposed to leave, still drying his hair. The towel landed on her side of the bed.

“Almost.” she replied, unfolding her legs and standing. “I was just making sure.”

“Sure of what?” he asked. “You have this speech down flawlessly.”

“I know that!” she said. “I just wanted to make sure I believed what I’m about to say.”



  1. Great piece Carol, I love the build up of tension and the question at the end that one would hope every politician might ask themselves.


    1. Who said I was writing about a politician?
      I guessed that politician would be most people’s first impression but I didn’t want to write a piece that could only be taken that way so I haven’t given her any job title within the piece.
      You can take it as a politician before a rally or perhaps a self-help speaker before a big conference. I wanted the piece to be applicable to anyone who gives speeches or mass advice. Does anyone who stands on a stage to speak really mean everything they say?

      Are you enjoying the haikus this month?


      1. I take your point Carol about the politician it was an assumption I made, bad reader SS2. The haikus are coming at me at a great rate I like them but I find them more likeable when my mind is set to read them. I know they are a challenge to write as I only write one each week so I’m in awe of those who write them on a regular basis. The longer I stay with this blogging thing the more I am discovering I am in the written presence of some amazing minds. I have to admit I do like reading your words, you connect with my intellect, which could be a worry depending on how you view these things.


  2. Very nicely written piece – good flow and quite descriptive. Good job, also, pulling the whole thing together in just 100 words.


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