The Show

He came down wearing his favourite face.

He’d taken the nose from an artist back during the renaissance, but if he was honest he couldn’t remember if it had been the artist’s nose or one from a painting. Little details like that tended to get somewhat muddled.

He took his seat, the same one he’d taken since long before his nose or even the ear-lobes from that Celtic King. It was his amphitheatre and after a few hundred years of trial and error he’d found the perfect spot.

Now he just had to wait for the tourists to arrive and the show to begin.



  1. Dear Carol,

    Is that ‘of’ or ‘or’ in the first line of the third paragraph? Is he the devil? Coming down seems strange for old Scratch so I’m confused. i love the tone and pace of your story but i am left confused. Will keep my eye on the comment section for illumination.




    1. Thank you for pointing out the typo.
      My initial idea was to simply have a god/angel/immortal people watching. There are numerous interpretations of gods throughout history, so I didn’t want to pin the character down to any religion in particular.


  2. Carol, I find this interestingly vague–enough details to give us some ideas and then free rein as to where we want to go with them. The devil, a ghostly actor, or ??? Who knows? The play’s the thing. 🙂



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