Our Moon

We howled until our throats ran dry and it was all we could do to wheeze out broken chuckles. That was supposed to be us until the end. The wheezing laughter after breath is gone. Not screams and tears that turn sound into force and punch your organs backs towards your spine.

Afterwards I walked away from our house to where the night was deeper and quieter, afterwards I walked until my feet turned numb and I crumpled, and I knelt on the ground and I howled until the breath was gone and my throat turned dry and all that was left was chuckles that wheezed out of my chest because I still didn’t know why the tears had not stopped.




  1. Beautifully written. Love the stylistic choices you made — the repetition of ideas at the beginning and the end but from a different perspective. One of happiness; one of sorrow. Love it!


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