Cat Flaps

Whenever I hear it I think of you wedged in the cat flap, half in the kitchen, half out.

We’d never owned a cat. Your father had mumbled something about maybe getting a new door but we’d never done anything about it.

You were only just crawling and before the cat flap incident you’d seem quite happy to stay in the sitting room where it was warmer and the floor was nice, soft carpet.

Needless to say a new door was installed sharpish and the sound of bells has never seemed quite the same .





  1. Oh, the mental image now have stuck in my head. I’m going to be quietly chuckling to myself all day, and it will drive my wife crazy, because I won’t be able to adequately explain. Even if she reads it for herself, she won’t find quite the same amount of humor in it that I do, thus she shall conclude, as she often does, that I am simply off my nut.

    1. I apolgise to your wife for any concern towards your state of metal being.
      But as the Mad Hatter says in Tim Burton’s remake, “all the best people are” mad.

      1. I suppose you’re right, but it could be argued that it’s less a remake than it is a sequel…and I agree with the thing you said about mad people, too.

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