“What are you working on?”

“Homework.” Samuel said, curling his arms over the papers as his mother leaned in over his shoulder.

“Can I see?” she asked, washing balanced on one hip ready to be deposited onto the bed three feet away. “Come on, I can keep a secret.” she whispered, fingers stretched out ready to tickle behind Samuel behind his ear.

“It’s not finished.” said Samuel, “Maybe later.”

“Please.” His mother pouted.

“Fine!” Shoving himself back from the desk he let his mother see the blueprints. “I told you though it’s not finished, I can’t get the automated technon to match up to the atom combustion motor which means there is no hope of glutalge malification or jeramia coolage taking place!”

His mother blinked.

“What would happen if you-” she touched a point on the blueprints.

“Boom.” said Samuel. “Very big boom!”

“Oh.” she said. “I’ll leave you to it, you’re father is expecting me to call him about dinner.”

Samuel watched her scurrying out the room only to return moments later and set the washing on the bed.

“Hey.” he said. “When you call Dad can you see if he’s got any grade six humarationbrit alloys lying around?”

“Of course dear.” said his mother, “anything else.”

Samuel thought for a moment.

“Do we have any jelly?” he asked.

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  1. Brilliant Carol this made me laugh and how clever to include some ‘grade six humarationbrit alloy’ I mean why doesn’t every story use such an item. I loved this very well done. This is one I shall re read…..great thanks for sharing Carol.


    1. Just for fun, I’m currently working on a steam-punk novel and a collection of short stories so I may take this and make it a slightly longer short story at some point to include in the collection. (If I have time. I always have way more ideas that time.)


        1. Yet I still say yes whenever anyone asks me if I’m up for something, like launching the collection in April at a poetry night or writing something for a Darwin festival.


  2. If’n ya gonna have jelly, you gonna have to have ice cream – vanilla of course.
    That was a good story. Is there any more to come?


    1. At some time in the future perhaps, but with working on my collection for April, my steampunk novel and my online fiction Headquarters there isn’t much time for anything more than these short snapshots.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it though, feel free to have a peruse of the rest of my writing. Headquarters is a continuing series if you’re looking for something with a little more detail and length.


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