The Regular

“Oi, Larry!”

Larry turned to see the new security guy stalking towards him.

“There’s some woman sat in the hall. I told Mr Hack about her but he just shook his head. Looked at me like I was crazy!”

Larry clicked her tongue against the back of his teeth and wondered if he should be thinking about replacing his dentures.

“She’s just sat there with her knitting, clacking away and staring at the stage. With Mr Hack’s paranoia about law suits I thought I should go and get someone else before approaching her.”

“Leave her be lad.” Larry said. “We don’t bother with Miss Maisy and she doesn’t bother with us.”

“Miss Maisy?” said the new guy. “She’s here a lot?”

Larry shrugged.

“Been here longer than me, she kind of lives here.”

“Lives here.” said the new guy.

“Lives here, died here.” Larry shrugged. “Same for all of us.”



  1. Wow. Last line really clinches it. Great springboard into what could potentially be an awesome paranormal/scifi story. Makes me wonder if they are all ghosts, or just the knitter, and the exact circumstances surrounding their peculiar situation.

  2. This was fucking fantastic. It’s rare for me, an emotionally stilted guy, to find a story that genuinely gives me the creeps!

    1. Really? I don’t normally write creepy all that well, it comes out cliche a lot of the time. I’m very glad to hear that I gave you the creeps. Feels like a small personal victory for me as a writer.

          1. Thanks heaps. You’re better at creepy stuff than you might think. I read a lot of “creepy pasta” so I’ll check these out.

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