Cup Of Tea Anyone?

photo 1

Determined not to be beaten by the power cuts here in Shropshire my mother decided that she could boil water on top of our little log burner in the sitting room. After about three hours of playing cards by candlelight the water was just about hot enough to make a cuppa.

photo 2 (1)

Not the best tasting tea apparently, but it was something.


        1. Thank you, I’m glad that they’re being enjoyed since I don’t do them as often as some bloggers. My family tends to be quite a private one so there is a limit to how much they want put up online.


              1. Fiction is the reason I’m started blogging, to help me grow as a writer. It helps having such talented folk as you in my Follow-collection. I have many of your stories and poems to peruse 😀


                1. I still find it strange being called talented and having people follow my writing.
                  Blogging has been a fantastic way to develop a writing style though, you’re right. The feedback and encouragement received is priceless also.


    1. My mother can be determined, especially about her tea. It was rather amusing trying to work out what was happening as we didn’t actually have enough light to really see the saucepan most of the time.


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