Keeping Concentration

“The blackness just enveloped me, I was convinced that this was the end I mean…”

Joules watched as her patient twisted the only loose strand bottle-blonde around her finger and continued to talk. Nodding, she did her best to look thoughtful and not let her view slip any lower than her patient’s mouth.

“Focus.” she told herself. The woman might have been spouting nonsense but at least Joules was being paid a laughable amout to sit there and hum at various intervals.

“I mean, it was just so hard!”

Joules nodded as her patient wailed.

“Of course.” she said. “Now tell me, this was during your second breast enhancement?”



  1. And I love all the posts in this blog really interesting touch words, thank you friend 🙂

    1. Thank you for the confidence that my longer work will be able to match up. The flash fictions have been great for improving my writing and making sure I write regularly.

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