Lindsey; Three Blocks Down From West Avenue (Contains swearing)

“Did you hear about that Lindsey chick three blocks down from West Avenue?”

Jack snorted and threw his elbow into Edward’s ribs.

“Course I know about that Lindsey chick. Lindsey Legs Eleven.”

“Legs eleven?” Edward said. “You been going to bingo with your Gran again. Dude! What did I tell you about old people!”

“You ain’t said nothin’ about old people.” said Jack. “You were saying about Legs Eleven.”

“You know that sounds kinda weird.”

“How so?”

“Eleven, like eleven years old.”

“Ah gross man! What do you take me for?”

“A virgin mostly.” Edward grinned.

“Fuck you. Just tell me what happened with Lindsey.”

“Oh her? She died. Fell though the floorboards or something. Nasty. Scared the downstairs neighbour half to death according to Foz.”

“You know Foz is a liar right?”

“Course Foz is a liar. You think I don’t know that. But sometimes even Foz tells the truth.”

“So Lindsey’s dead.”

“Yer dead.”


“I know. Who you goin’ to bang now?”



  1. It can sometimes be hard to pull off dialogue-heavy stories, but I think this one works well. Just a friendly head’s up, the ‘n’ is missing from Lindsey’s name in the fourth-to-last sentence. Not a big deal, just thought I’d let you know. Anyway, keep up the great work. =)


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