A House Needs Children And A Bell

He’d hung it by the window when they first married, all smiles and laughter as he joked about children.

“A big house needs filling with children and a bell to tell them all dinner is ready.”

She’d smiled back. Five years away from doctor’s waiting rooms and grave-faced test results they were happy. They were in love and staying together didn’t seem like a question.

“Just you watch.” she’d told him. “This place won’t feel so big once little ones start comin’, you’ll think there’s nowhere left to escape to.”

She was half right.



  1. Oh,this is heart breaking!To be childless not out of choice but ‘cos one could not,is terrible-that last line is a killer! Excellent writing:-)


    1. Indeed it is. If you’re interested I would definitely recommend the prompt, even if you just go in for the community side of it. It can be quite interesting seeing all the different directions people fly off in when given the same prompt.


  2. So sad. We never know what fate will befall us. I hope they find a way to bring youngsters into their lives somehow. A sad but well-written story.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  3. Dear Carol,

    Subtle and tenderly well done. Perhaps they can adopt. They sound like the kind of people who could give orphans a home, fulfilling two needs at once.




    1. Indeed, adoption does seem like the best option for the couple. I do wonder if the effects of noting being able to have children of your own every really leaves a couple though.


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