“You do realise it’s January right?”

“Who cares, the sun is shinning and the birds are singing.”

“It’s minus two out there.”

“Who cares, look at that sky!”

“You’re in short Jen, bloody shorts.”



      1. Yes they would! We still have snow melting and we just had our first big thunderstorm, so I’m pretty sure there’s a mini flood in our driveway right now. 😛


    1. Indeed? I went to an all girls school for sixth form and about three people wore trousers at any given time of the year. It means I will still wear skirts at any time of the year which got me some weird looks last year at uni. One girl even told me to put on a pair of tights because I must be freezing.
      (I was technically wearing tights but since they were skin toned you couldn’t really tell.)


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