Replying to Comments

I doubt there is a single blogger who doesn’t do some sort of mental fist pump (or even physical fist pump) when they see the little comment icon highlighting in their notifications. I’ve found a problem though. How do you respond?

These days most of my replies to comments are “thank you” or “I’ll take that into consideration.” I really struggle to find a way to make my response hold more weight since saying thank you does seem to lose some of  the meaning after a while, just as repeating any word over and over does.

So what do the rest of you bloggers out there think? How do you mix it up on the comment front?




  1. Thank them and actually respond to what they’ve said. For example, you might say to me, “Thank you for your answer, but you’ve confused me with circular logic.” I’d then thank you and agree.

    1. I have been thanking them, but especially on my responses to writing prompts I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over which isn’t something I want to do.
      (I’m quite a fan of circular logic, or circular conversation, or anything that can be said that sounds like it makes sense but confuses the listener.)

      1. Well I’d quite say this is the perfect response to give to someone that’s taken the time to reply to your writings. Good show and I can certainly relate to finding the whole “thanks” thing to be meaningless over time. I think the real question is what do you do socially if someone keeps commenting on all your comments. Dear god, who ends the consecutive comments first!

        1. Often whoever I’m speaking to since I can be a stubborn bitch when it comes to conversation once I’m invested. I WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD sort of thing.
          I even managed to have a sort of haiku battle with someone once. That was fun.
          Unless they reply with a smilie. In that case I normally accept the death of the conversation.

            1. This conversation? Or in the case of a smilie?
              If you mean this conversation then I’m just going to keep talking since you keep bringing up interesting points and I’m enjoying talking to you. (I talk a lot in general so I tend to waffle on.) But in ending “It was nice talking to you” or some version of generally works at ending a dialogue.

                1. I suppose it is a little formal but I tend to be a little formal from time to time, especially if it is late or I’ve drank far too much tea. At that point my Britishness goes through the roof and “cheerio” seems like a much more reasonable expression.

                  1. Oh, I do say! I’m half British myself and although I was born in Australia, my mum brought me up with the same formalities. Which people actually eat with their mouths closed, I’ll never know, but she considered it to be proper. I’m yet to meet a single person that keeps their mouth closed over the entire duration of eating.

                    1. That would certainly be a sight to see. Where about was your mum from. My mother’s side are pretty much all from Shropshire in England but my father’s mother moved over from Ireland when she was eighteen and his father from Stranraer Scotland after he’d married my gran so I’ve got a real mix of accents lurking in the family.

                    2. My memory is pretty damn poor so I couldn’t tell you. I know it wasn’t exactly in the city to be shrewd and unspecific. Thoroughly enjoying your blog at the moment.

  2. Hi Carol – something like this was on my mind this morning, too. Yup, the little orange star or bubble icon in the upper corner of my screen never fails to delight!

    Especially if it is a first time commenter, I thank them for writing. It does require a certain effort to put the thoughts into words, and that merits some recognition, I think.

    I think it is absolutely “good manners” to say *something* in reply. I am in awe of some bloggers who have hundreds of comments daily and they find the time to reply to each and every one. It is an art, this conversation thing.

    Like Vonzex remarked, I wonder, too – who ends the consecutive comments first?

    1. Indeed it it good manners to reply, and in the case of comments like this there is always something to latch onto a expand on in the reply.
      It is the simple comments such as “cool … line” ect. that leave me stumped for what to say in response. Especially if they are the third person to say as much about the post.

  3. I hope – eventually – to be so fortunate to receive comments !! I do take time to add more than just thank you. Either a promise to visit their site (and I do) or a comment on something specific they said. Honestly, I don’t know how bloggers with lots of comments keep up, but that’s a problem I can only dream to wrestle with some day 😊

    1. I do try to visit the sites of people who leave a comment, and if I find a post that really grabs my attention then I try to return the favor comments wise.
      I know what you mean about bloggers who receive lots of comments, I wouldn’t say I relieve that many but replying still demands time and thought. I am always grateful though.

  4. I always try to say something in response to a comment, and it’s usually “Thank you”. I like to vary it occasionally, with a “Thanks” !!! Frequently, the person’s comment has been “Loved this one” or “You got me smiling”… When that happens, what else can be said other than “Thank you”?

    1. That is pretty much my point. What else can be said but thank you and how does that really engage with the commenter.
      I love talking to those who read my work, and I want to hear their thoughts, but getting into a dialogue is difficult when all there seems to be to say is thank you or thanks.
      I find it such a disappointing reply to be giving.

  5. I have a post that was going to come out tomorrow that included this topic (just a FYI if you happened to see it tomorrow and think “oh what a coincidence” lol). I include an example on saying “thank you”. Sometimes, it’s enough just to say “thank you, -insert name here-” to give a personal touch 🙂

    1. I’ll make sure to check the post out tomorrow when you put it up.
      I suppose you’re right, but I still feel a little bad for recycling the same phrasing over and over.
      By the way I have a favor to ask you. I need another writer to bounce ideas off so I can finally get a plot for my Lady Winters story pinned down.

      1. Sure thing! I just updated my contact info (a temporary update which will last until sometime in March where I have to change it again lol) so you can message me there with what you were thinking 🙂 I’ll help as much as I can.

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