Current Projects

I received the comment that my last post was a little random so I thought I should try and put up something that actually links into my work as a writer and not just the weird ramblings that sometimes constitute to a decentish story. So here we go; current projects!


‘The Lady Winters’

I currently have 25000 words of plot-less nonsense with random characters and very few links between said random characters. The next step with this is going to have to be some serious planning. Two years of the panster technique has got me a fairly decent foundation to work on but now I’m flaking in the swampy middle bit of the novel , but I’m determined to refuse sinking under into the pit of failed novel despair that surely awaits if I don’t clean up my act.

I have some some characters that I adore though.

Sophia Fall is currently my favourite, though that isn’t her real name and even I forget what he real name actually is most of the time. (Hazardous when writing certain chapters.) I think developing her back-story will be the first move in my new plan of attack. I already have the framework but already I can see numerous tangents of development to wander down. Most will probably never see the light outside my computer screen but that’s fine. As long as there is something more than what there is now to dreg up when I need a motivation boost.


‘The Terrifying Life Of Henry Granger’/’The Debt’

Henry Granger by Miss Antonia Brennan I’m probably going back to the original chapter, I’m probably going to double back on my ideas for the plot and I’m probably going to reduce the importance of Evie Fallows in the book. Henry was the inspiration that started me writing so I think I need to give him centre stage once more and focus in on his story, since the original title would suggest he is the main character of the book. ‘The Terrifying Life of Henry Granger’ is also no longer a novel but a novella with a target word count of 30,000 words. If this was ‘The Lady Winters’ the first draft would be almost done. As before some planning is needed but I’m going to focus on writing chapters first and salvaging what I can from the original drafts. I think most of the story is there so ‘The Terrifying Life Of Henry Granger’ should be knocked into some sort of almost finished state by the end of the Summer. Make sure to comment regularly and ask how it’s going to get a first hand taste of the epicenes of my “almost there” speeches.


‘Obscurite’/ ‘The Midnight Runaway’/ ‘Wooden City’

Tara by Miss Antonia Brennan

I started looking at this again the other day and though I’ve got some new ideas cropping up I’m going to focus on ‘The Lady Winters’ and ‘The Terrifying Life of Henry Granger’ before I return to this. [Are you starting to see my tendency towards abandoning novels halfway?]

You’ll see snippets cropping up in the flash fiction challenges I do, but that will be the same of all my projects since I’m trying to push my writing forward using the prompts as snapshots of storyline possibilities.


If you don’t know what ‘Headquarters’ is then read. There are now two halves of the story line ‘Safe Haven’ and ‘Central Command’. I’m working on them both but updates might slow a little over the next two/three months since I will be finishing up my second year of uni and I need focus my attentions on getting a good grade since I really want to manage at least a 2:1 by the end of third year so I can go on a do a masters [funds be willing.] The posts are disjointed and pretty much free-write the whole way through. I don’t want to worry too much about perfecting a storyline with these, I want them to be a fun, interesting read for anyone interested and a useful writing exercise for myself. If I start redrafting these posts over and over then I will be taking away from time I could spend on the other projects getting ready to try and get them finished and published.



Twenty is the self-published collection that will be coming out in April. The content has been finalised and it is now just about working out the typos and kinks with presentation. At least something seems near completion.



Anyway, those are the main projects that are currently lingering on, around and under my desk. Feel free to bug me about the progress of any of them, the nagging will probably do me good. Are there any projects lurking in the background of your mind currently?


by Miss Antonia Brennan 

Random picture of myself and the Illustrator. All will be explained in the next post.


  1. Hi Carol – haven’t followed you for long, but I like all of it – random thoughts, planning and status updates, getting stuck, abandoning and reviving, and completion. It’s like having a real time visual on a writer’s process minus the boring tutorial. Most encouraging to know you flail, and re-focus just like us newbies – gives me hope!


    1. Well I’m still a newbie is many respects but I’m glad that my blog gives encouragement. It’s also lovely to hear that the randomness of Writing and Works is enjoyed.


    1. I’ll make sure she gets the message. She’s bluster about them being her own drawings and not that good but that’s just because she doesn’t accept how talented she is.


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