Somerset Levels

His boots were still damp in the morning when James Cullock forced his feet into them and let the dogs into the yard.

The concrete was damp from rain but that wasn’t the water creeping across what was left of his pasture. He shook his head and retreated to the kitchen where the kettle boiled his wife clattered about with mugs.

Greg would be there in a few hours with the trailer, reading to head north to a friend of a friend three counties up, willing to give them his spare fodder. God knows what James would do for feed when that was gone but it would keep what was left of his livestock fed for now.



  1. I Googled Somerset Levels since I hadn’t heard of them, although I have heard of Glastonbury Tor, which is there. Sounds as though they flood relatively often, at least compared to other spots. But the flooding looks horrific and widespread! Poor farmers!



    1. It’s been especially bad this year, they do flood quite often but not normally to the rate it has been this year. There has been quite a few Midlands farmers who have started transporting fodder down to the levels since the grass beneath the water levels will now be ruined and it will be a good while before ground can be ready for use.


      1. We’re in Cambridgeshire and have been pretty much spared the widespread havoc of the last few weeks. The Nene is well up, but there’s a significant flood plain (not built upon) which is absorbing the first effects.


        1. That’s good, I’m just outside of Shropshire so I’ve seen some of the flooding in Shrewsbury but there are some pretty good flood defenses now in place around here.


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