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A Muse Me


So I didn’t get around to explaining in the next post but I will hope you’ll forgive me for that.

Miss Brennan (The Illustrator) and I have been friends since fifteen/sixteen and acquaintances the few years previous to that. I’m unsure how we became friends exactly, but somehow we did and now we possess a friendship of terrifying eccentricity and mutual adoration. However, that wasn’t what I wanted to ramble on at you about and if you are still reading then congratulations, your attention span is quite impressive.

As the really rather bad pun in title suggests, I wanted to talk about those we would call our Muse, and the things that inspire us to create. I wrote before I met Toni, I knew I wanted to be an author before we became good friends, her presence had nothing to do with my growing love of literature and all it’s encompassing randomness. Toni was simply someone who understood and shared in that randomness.

I think that’s what finding your Muse is. It is finding someone who will geek out over plot twists in books, Tom Hiddleston in Shakespeare, words like Uxorious [Excessively fond of one’s wife]. I don’t believe they even have to inspire you to write more or draw more or create more, just to be passionate about the things you love. Do you agree?




[Please say someone gets the Disney Mulan reference.]

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Carol Forrester is a twenty-four year old writer trying to be a better one. Don’t ask her what her hobbies are because the list doesn’t get much beyond, reading, writing and talking about the same. She has a 2:1 BA degree in history from Bath Spa University and various poems and stories scattered across the net. Her flash fiction story ‘Glorious Silence’ was named as River Ram Press’ short story of the month for August 2014 and her short story ‘A Visit From The Fortune Teller’ has been showcased on the literary site Ink Pantry’s. Most recently, her poem ‘Sunsets’ was featured on Eyes Plus Words, and her personal blog Writing and Works hosts a mass of writing from across the last five years. She has been lucky enough to write guest posts for sites such as Inky Tavern and Song of The Forlorn and is always open to writing more and hosting guest bloggers here on Writing and Works. With hopes of publishing a novel in the next five years and perhaps a collection or two of smaller works, Carol Forrester is nothing if not ambitious. Her writing tries to cover every theme in human life and a lot of her work pulls inspiration from her own eccentric family in the rural wonders of Shropshire life.


  1. Damn, I don’t get the Disney Mulan reference, but I get kudos for reading to the end, right? And I love, love, Love the illustration and your phrase “terrifying eccentricity”. Scrumptious.

    • “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You’ is a song from the Disney Mulan film. The picture was one Toni drew after we had a bit of a Disney binge and started singing the song at the top of our voices. And maybe dancing to it also.
      Definite kudos for reading to the end though. Thank you.

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