Sleeping Beauty

The click of heels matched the leaking faucet. Scowling, Aurora wrenched the cold tap anti-clockwise and cursed as the drip continued to splattered into the sink below.

“For fucks sake!” She turned her back on the traitorous sink. “Does anything in this flat work?”

Boyfriend’s head remained slumped, the rest of him sprawled across the settee as commentators screamed over the rugby.

Aurora glanced at her watch and then the suitcases by the door. The taxi was late. She turned her attention back to the boyfriend.

“Dam.” she muttered, striding over and straightening his blankets. “You’re supposed to look asleep!”



  1. Hehe 🙂
    A nice twist. I did a critical essay on different tellings of Sleeping Beauty for my MA.
    Anne Sexton’s poem is amazing.


    1. Thank you, those are all elements I was hoping to hit so it’s brilliant to hear that I have. 😀
      I’m thinking about doing a collection of 100 word fairy tales along these lines. Just trying to decide which one to do next.


  2. The subtly of the twist is delightfully understated. I always felt that she had a darker side than other princess characters! The updated version of Aurora is sleek and dangerous, which is an intriguing combination.


    1. I’m really happy that this is the impression the character gave you and thank you for the lovely comment. I’m thinking of perhaps doing a short run of fairy-tale style stories like this piece in the future.


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