Before The Test

Visdare 05.03.2014

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“She’s going to be late.” Geoffrey warned, feet shoulder width apart as we stood on the airfield and watched Mary scream her way down the landing strip. Shoes up on the handlebars we could see her grin even from where we were, stretched across her cheeks as her voice carried past us.

“Leave her be.” I said. “Remember how nervous you were for your test.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Geoffrey said, eyes fixed on Mary. “I was calm and collected, going over the last of my preparations.”

“You were practically in the foetal position.” I snorted. “Bernie had to almost carry you out to the plane.”

“You’re mistaken. I’m certain nothing of the sort took place.”

Mary skidded to a halt and turned the bike around.

“You were a mess.” I grinned. “Anyway, we both know what Mary’s like. That girl was born to fly.”



  1. Love the contrast of the test taker versus her instructors. I think you matched her exuberance exactly. 🙂

    BTW – the link on the InLinkz LinkUp actually goes to the flash fiction piece, “Volcanologist” – a very good piece by the way (I hope it’s not a rejection letter, too!) but you might want to make sure the link fits the VisDare. Great work, thanks for participating!!!


  2. Oh I do like Mary. You’re right of course, she was born to fly! It’s probably one of the best “makes me grin” prompts I’ve seen in a while. LOL I wish I could say I was that calm and excited when I went for my driver’s licence some 47 years ago 🙂


  3. A genuinely warm and funny little piece, here 🙂 I love the imagery of this lady wheeling down a landing strip on a bike, feet on the wheels. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! 🙂


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