“Sometimes I think you love that mountain more than you love me.” James joked, dropping a kiss to his wife’s cheek as he passed over her coffee. She smiled and looked at him, the corners of her eyes crinkling more than they used to. They weren’t twenty anymore.

“Any post?” she asked.

“Yep. Something from the National Geographic Magazine.” he held out the envelope and she reached for it slowly.

“Another rejection letter?” she asked.

“Don’t know.” James shrugged. “You’re going to have to open it to find out.”

She took the letter from him, pinched between finger and thumb.

“Please.” she thought. “Not another rejection.”


The Volcanologist: Part Two


  1. I hope it’s not another rejection letter. I liked your description of them and I could feel their love for each other. Hopefully that will help it if is another rejection.



  2. I really liked these characters, and I’m dying to know what the letter says as well!


  3. Well, I had decided I wasn’t going to follow anymore blogs – reading too much and not concentrating enough on writing or editing my MS. ~sigh~ why do you have to write so well?


  4. I loved the crinkling eyes line, what a great way to convey age and the length of their relationship! I think there’s a typo at the end (though for thought) and I did wish you’d given us some hint that it wasn’t a rejection, leaving us with hope rather than just her desperation, but that’s just me.


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