Volcanologist Part II

James watched as his wife folded the letter closed and placed it next to the mug on the coffee table beside her.

“Coffee?” she asked. He nodded and glanced silently at the neatly folded sheet of paper that had taken her five minutes to open.

“So?” he said, hands curled around his own mug as he shifted his footing slightly. “What did they say?”

She paused and looked at him over the top of her mug.

“They’ve given me the cover.” she smiled. “I feature in the July issue later on this year.”


  1. Looks like you cheated to get a longer story out of this week’s prompt 🙂 , but I like the story. There are a couple typos. On the first one, it should read National Geographic instead of “Geographical.” On this one, the question “Coffee?” should have a question mark instead of a period.

    I think all of us writers can relate to the feelings of your heroine.



    1. Thank you for pointing out the typos and I didn’t intend to do a follow up at first, however there seemed to be a fair few people who wanted to know what the answer was so I gave in and wrote a follow up piece.
      Thanks for commenting. 😀


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