Something Brewing

Grant lowered the maps quietly onto Sasha’s desk and turned to leave the room at the same steady pace that he’d used to sneak in.

“How did the scans not pick up their presence, how did they creep under our radar, how did we not know about this Grant?”

Stringing together an eclectic concoction of curses in his head, Grant stopped and spun around to face Sasha, the surveillance screens shimmering in front of her as they switched from location to location.

“At least you got you brother out alive and we have now been alerted to the threat, I think a plan of action instead of questioning your performance as leader of Headquarters might be a more productive use of your time right now, don’t you?”

He watched as the muscles in her jaw started their off-key dance and held his breath, he suddenly didn’t want to know what plan of action was about to roll off his boss’ tongue.


I wanted the ‘Headquarters’ segments to work just as well on their own as they do together. I hope I’ve managed to achieve that. If you’re interested in reading more of the series, check out the links below.

Central Command:


The Man On Level Twenty-Four

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Safe Haven:

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Under The Rot

Waiting Below


  1. “Stringing together an eclectic concoction of curses in his head…”

    Great line! And I can sympathize with Grant. I’d be afraid to know what the plan of action is too.

    Great writing-very taut! I’ll definitely be reading more of this series!


  2. I realise Sasha is under considerable strain, but right now, I don’t give a flying fig for her and would probably cheer if all her people walked out on her. But, I think Grant might be just what she needs. She needs to realise she can trust someone – Grant just might be it. Sorry, lol, I tend to get involved in stories I read and the good characters are rather like good actors…they can make you love them or hate them. I look forward to the next instalment, Carol 😉


    1. It’s nice to see that the story has you hooked, though I am slightly disappointing that Sasha illicit that sort of response. Hopefully I can win you back to her side in the next installment.


      1. Oh, I don’t dislike her, I’m just feeling a bit frustrated with her at the moment. Yes, they missed something, but things kinda have gone to hell in a hand-basket all over the world. She could probably do with a triple expresso, a good sleep and a lucky break — not necessarily in that order 🙂


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