Speed Dial

Jacqueline Wright called her office The Library Without Order. She even had a plaque made up to stick on the door, and another beneath it that warned those bearing liquids to steer clear or face the five foot nothing stick of wrath that would be coming their way.

Currently the plaques were hidden by her fiancรฉe Edward and he in turn was hidden by the stack of four, grey, storage boxes piled one on top of the other in his arms.

“Explain to me why these are so important again?” he asked, doing his best to peer around the side of his burden to where Jacq stood with her hands on her hip, glaring at the overflowing shelving units as if doing so would cause them to miraculously part and create extra room.

“Sixteenth and seventeenth century dairies of course,” she explained, “and if I didn’t buy them then who knows, they call fall into the wrong hands, itโ€™s lucky I the charity shop had me on speed dial!”




    1. I’m probably going to turn into someone similar myself. you had a really interesting take too, I like the insinuation that your character wasn’t just out for an innocent drive.


  1. One of my favorite yard sale findings was a late 1700s book by a woman and that borders on being a diary; you don’t see too many of those antique books in the United States. Love the story, but you will never convince my husband and I that book-hoarding is a bad thing! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I am trying to do no such thing, book hoarding is the greatest of all endeavours. Hence why my boyfriend’s ability and willing to build me shelves when we move in together makes me love him all the more.


        1. It’s fantastic. A little scary when we talk about moving into together, but scary because I’ll be moving out of my parent’s house for good instead of uni where you go back during the holidays.
          Though my mother will probably be happy to watch the mountains of books from my room follow me out of the door.


          1. I remember carting an Army duffel bag full of books through the bus terminals of the eastern United States when I moved out of my parents’ home. It should have earned me some muscles! For me, it was a fantastic decision to move away from home. Good luck to you!


            1. Well I’m not sure an Army duffel bag would be quite enough storage to move all the books but hopefully I can call in an army of relatives to help out when the time does come. ๐Ÿ˜€
              Best wishes to you also.


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