I Believe?

Now I had to hunt for this piece or writing, and I mean hunt. It’s easy to forget how much I’ve written on this blog over the past couple of years. Even stranger when I stumble across blog posts that read like the words of another person! But anyway:


Will there be a day,

when legend and mythology

become the final refuge

of Christianity?


I wrote this little piece last year for NaPoWriMo, a challenge I intend on taking up again next month when it rolls around. For those of you who don’t know what NaPoWriMo is, it’s National Poetry Writing Month where poets attempt to write at least one poem each day, every day for the entire month of April. It’s great fun and a really useful writing exercise.

This piece however, works quite well for today’s Daily Prompt. In history you need to be able to back up your beliefs with evidence. You can’t just claim that something happened, you need documents that support what you’re saying and you need to put together a convincing argument to present to the rest of the world. Yet there will always be someone who argues the other way. So number one on my list of three things that I believe to be undoubtedly true:

1. There is always going to be someone who disagrees with you. Even if you don’t know it.

This may seem a little pessimistic but it’s a good thing. We need people to disagree with us and to challenge us, it makes life more interesting and it makes for better historians and to a point, better writers.

2. On the flip side of the last point, there will always be some to take your side no matter how wrong you just may be.

If you are wrong, someone else is probably going to be just as wrong too.

3. I will always be surprised by life and the people in it.

This, I think, is a given.


Things I believe to be false though? That requires a little more thought…

1. That writing is a waste of my time since I’m unlikely to ever earn any real money from it.

2. Those of one faith have the right to judge those of another by the standards of the stated first faith.

I try to believe that everyone should be able to worship whatever faith they believe, and if they believe in none then that’s fine also. As long as the adhere to basic human rights then I have no qualms.

3. Our life plan will play out exactly as we anticipate.


There you go Daily Prompt. You even got me to dip into politicalish waters.


      1. Carol … You know I always read YOUR posts!! And I don’t comment on anyone’s without reading them. It only took me my first month of blogging to scout the “fakers” on my own blog!


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