Morning Encounters

She opened her eyes at the sound of her name and wished, not for the first time that morning, that she was anywhere else then that elevator, in that apartment building.

“Hey Mr James,” she said, doing her best to smile at the elderly teacher standing between the elevator doors. “Whatcha doin’ here?”

“I live here Felicity.” He continued to stand there, taking in the crumpled dress, smeared mascara and stilettos swinging from her left hand.

“Of course you do,” muttered Felicity, shifting uncomfortably and hearing the heels bang into the wall behind her. “Could you, um, press the button?”




      1. If you specified that in the story, I missed it even with several readings. But it works either way. It was a very realistic story and I could feel her embarrassment.

        1. It’s just one of those things I had in my head, I was worried if I put something like “her teacher” it would suggest she was still in school and then I was running with words I didn’t have. *shrugs*
          As you said, works either way.

  1. How embarrassing is right! He’s probably a teacher she has had or has, and now he is going to push the button to let her escape. Wow – good piece and it would be embarrassing! Great job. Nan 🙂

  2. Awkward ;-)Loved the way he is just standing there taking in the whole scene ,lol!Well,next time,she won’t be so careless as getting caught now,would she? :-)Great take on the prompt:-)

  3. Good story with good dialogue. It could have been worse. She could have been a teacher who worked for the same school system as him. That would have “really” been embarassing.

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