The Enemy Upon Us

“Take up arms! We’re under attack!” The blunderbuss hit my square in the chest as Jamie took off back up the grand staircase. “All men to their stations!” he bellowed, surcoat on back to front. “To arms! To arms!”
“What the hell?” I looked at Lisa standing at the top of the stairs, cutlass gripped in her left hand and Jamie sprinted past. She shrugged and waved me up.
“Carpet beetles,” she said quietly once I was standing next to her by the banister. Somewhere beneath us a door slammed and Jamie’s voice carried up.
“We shall smite them! We shall crush them! Victory shall be ours!”
“Rally speech,” Lisa said. “He’s been giving them all morning. I think this one is for the Sir Geoffrey.”
“The suit of armour in the dinning room?”
Lisa nodded.
“What do we do?” I asked.
“Nothing really,” she replied. “Just hope he does less damage then the carpet beetles.”

Written for the wonderful prompt at Inky Tavern. I may have changed one line, I decided I didn’


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