NaPoWriMo Day One


You’ve grown old,

as living things

have a habit of doing.


It takes another,

to point out the grey

creeping in.

You don’t show age

in many other places,

such as movement

or attention.


Still the garden gate sphinx,

wheat field bounder,

fresh shirt muddier.

I forget you weren’t always there

and you won’t always remain.



NaPoWriMo has rolled around again along with the first prompt of the month. I’m not sure I even like this piece, but I didn’t really like the prompt and since there was nothing else in my head ideas wise I just ploughed on through.


    1. “You could stoke their fur forever
      and nothing would change”
      Birth Bell – Louis Mathias

      I read the poem in full today, the quote really doesn’t do it justice.


      The beginning of war was also a blossom. Here’s
      where you started to finger

      your terrible pearls. Undoing the want

      takes a long, long time.
      Days spent

      circumventing bougainvillea.
      Flash forward

      to those Indiana fields, those stray dogs,
      the idling truck.

      You could stroke their fur forever
      and nothing would change.

      — Louise Mathias


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