NaPoWriMo Day Two

Fire Worshipper

“Fire worshipper,” they breath,

seeing only burn and crackle

nothing more than flames.

“Fire worshipper,” they breath,

no time to dig deeper,

ask more of things unknown.

“Fire worshipper,” they breath,

so secure in just one faith,

no time for the others.

“Fire worshipper,” they breath,

forgetting that those fires

casts a longer shadow.


One of my history modules this year is ‘The British Empire: The Opium Wars To Decolonisation’. I have to say that the lecturer I have for this is one of my favourites as he wanders off down numerous tangents and random points which end up throwing us into a whole other topic. He is very conscious of the world as it is, and I come away each week with a new set of books to buy, or a new set of ideas to mull over. It just so happened that last week I walked in on a conversation about religion and the middle-east just before the seminar actually began.

Now my knowledge of Zorastrianism is sparse at best, I’ve read a little on it and here is a link for anyone else who wants a brief guide to what it is:

My read point for this piece was the way in which some people brush aside the faiths of others, or in some cases are blind to them completely. The variation of religion out in the world is truly amazing, and a topic that fascinates me. Even if we do not believe ourselves does not mean that we should ignore what is out there.

I’d really love to hear what you think.


  1. Many people believe that their faith is the true faith and because of that they ignore others. It’s pretty controversial.

    Anyway, I liked your poem. It seems like you did a lot of research for it. 🙂


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