β€œWhen shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning, or in-”

“Luce! I asked you to can it already!”

Lucy’s arms dropped to her sides, the maniacal smirk slipping quickly into the everyday scowl she’d developed.

“You never let me express myself!” she whined, stamping her foot against the coffee table. Snapping his book closed Tony pulled himself up from the couch and offered her a hand to get down.

“You know it wouldn’t be so bad if you shook things up a bit,” he said. “Maybe tried out some new lines.”

“How’d you mean?” Lucy asked. “Learn scene two?”



  1. Great story Carol. Last year my students and I did a production of Living with Lady Macbeth which begins with those lines from the witches. Terry Pratchett also used them in his Witches novel. All actors begin somewhere don’t they. Loved this one well done.


  2. Foot stamping on the coffee table? Lucy is destined to be a diva. All she needs is a little application and some different lines. (Wined or whined?) πŸ˜‰


    1. I do believe it is only backstage on in the theatre that the name is taboo. I find that whole superstition fascinating though, I’d love to know how it came about.


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