A Corner Away From Anyone Else

“Any requests?” the musician asked, kicked back in his corner of the coffeehouse, away from anyone else.

The gentleman with sea-mist eyes seemed to smile at him, or perhaps someone else who just happened to be in the same line of sight.

“Any requests?” he chirped again, plucking at strings to check their tuning. One was out, not by much, but enough to be worth fixing.

“I have a request,” said the gentleman with sea-mist eyes, now two steps from the corner away from anyone else. He lent in, the words curling from his lips. “Care for a challenge?”



  1. Dear Carol,

    I’m guessing the gentleman with the sea-mist eyes a musician. Therefore in your story, the prompt is the gentleman challenging the soloist to a musical duel. Am I warm?




    1. I love the idea and I can see where it has come from. I wrote the piece with more romantic inclinations in my own mind but I think I might prefer the idea of a musical duel.


    1. Disappointingly for me I cannot claim that idea, but as always, I think it’s wonderful when people can pull something different then the writer’s thought from a piece.


  2. O.K. I cheated. Usually I don’t read other’s comments before leaving one myself, but the “romantic” idea never entered my mind. Perfect! Thanks for a perfect twist.


    1. You’re very welcome and thank you for the lovely comment. I don’t think it’s cheating to read the comments, it gives you the opportunity to see the piece along a different scope.


    1. Thank you for the comment Nan!
      Well I’m hoping that it won’t be a death duel, I’d hate to loose either character, but perhaps…

      Well now I know what I’ll be writing up this evening.


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