Innocence [Extract from The Lady Winters]

“Innocence has no place between people like us,” Yikes said, eyes fixed on the glass in his hands instead of Sophia. With a flick of his wrist the whisky was at his lips and down his throat, the empty glass clinking against the desk as he set it down.

They were alone this time, no soldiers waiting in the shadows to snap her neck if a wrong move was made, no murder friends dragged across the floorboards as leverage, it made her wonder if Yikes was perhaps starting to trust her.

“People like is are never innocent,” he continued. “Fate knew us too well to ever let that be true.”



  1. One has to wonder what their relationship is really like, as it seems Yikes impression of Sophia is one which apparently casts her as a tramp who has seen it all. The total lack of innocence here conjures up a lot of stuff which takes on the total opposite here and takes one into the realm of erotica,

    Just my impression of what you’ve written. Quite thought provoking.


  2. You’re an excellent and gifted writer. I read just this tiny little excerpt, and found myself wanting to read the rest of the story.

    God bless you,


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