A Something And Nothing Post

One of the many pictures taken from my trip to Haughmond Abbey. It looks deceptively small from the entrance.

Hidden away in the Shropshire countryside surrounding Shrewsbury, Haughmond Abbey is a beautiful Augustinian abbey still displaying fantastic architecture and carvings throughout. A wonderful example of England’s rich monastic history, and an exceptional picnic spot.

I want to say it’s been one of those weeks, but really it’s been one of those years. Every time I feel that life has evened out and I can finally get back on top of whichever ‘To Do’ list is currently blue-tacked to the computer screen, something new crops up.

I have achieved some of the things I wanted to though. I self-published a poetry collection and managed to sell a few copies. There is still a massive stack sat in on my book case but it’s a start. It’s also available for purchase online at Amazon. [Hint, Hint].

I also joined English Heritage, visiting Morten-Corbet Castle, Haughmond Abbey and Beeston Castle within the last month and coming away with some photographic evidence of my visits, even if fingers do make the odd appearance on the camera lenses.

As far as my writing goes things have slowed to an almost halt. I’m trying to work on ‘The Lady Winters’ and ‘Obscruite’ at the same time but neither seem to really be going anywhere fast. That should hopefully change over the next couple of months. Don’t even ask about ‘Headquarters’. Sasha needs to take a back seat for a while. At least one novel needs drafting this summer and since ‘The Lady Winters’ is closest to completion, she will be taking priority. [We’ll see how well that plays out at the end of July].

So thank you to all of those still following me and putting up with the sporadic nature of everything I do. I love you for it. Since it’s Wednesday I should have a Friday Fictioneers and a Visdare entry for you to read up soon!

All the best,

your eccentric, partially reliable, somewhat over-worked writer friend,

Miss Carol J Forrester.

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