The Meeting Place


[Photo Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast]

“You should read Chaucer,” advised Edward, folding in on himself smoothly as he moved to sit next to Ellie on the grass outside Castle. She snorted softly and closed the book in her lap, slipping it back into her satchel before he could see the title.
“Don’t you get bored lurking around here?” she asked. “You’ve been around how long?”
Edward shook his head.
“Why would I? There’s always someone interesting lurking also,” he shrugged.
Chuckling, Ellie brushed a stray leaf from her skirt and smiled.
“You’re an odd one you know.”
Edward grinned.
“Said one ghost to another.”

Castle at Bath Spa University, Newton Park, Bath i.e: Where I had my medieval lectures for second year.

Castle at Bath Spa University, Newton Park, Bath
i.e: Where I had my medieval lectures for second year.

fridayfictioneers.jpgI’m not sure how I feel about this week’s entry. I’ve been out of the game for a few weeks and I think I’ve gone a little rusty. Oh well. It’s probably just a matter of getting back into practice.


  1. Not rusty at all – a nice little story with a good surprise. You need an e on the end of ‘her’, but then you’d have two ‘here’ quite close together, so you might want to think about that.


    1. Thank you for the comment, and I’m glad to see that readers are still enjoying my writing.
      I changed the ‘her’ to around, which plays in more with the element of time that I wanted to incorporate. [I hope.] Thanks for pointing out my mistake and alerting me to the opportunity for revision.


    1. Thank you very much. I’ll admit, I haven’t got around to reading Chaucer yet. I’m currently working my way through F Scott. Fitzgerald’s works, and after that I want to really devote some time to Oscar Wilde. What did you think of Chancer after you read it?


  2. Seems odd to me that he’s questioning her choice of books if he hasn’t seen the title! I like how he’s stuck in the past with Chaucer, and the twist at the end makes the story really fun.


  3. I really enjoyed this – especially the last line – fabulous stuff. One tiny criticism – I wouldn’t have them both shaking their heads, it’s too repetitive. Maybe one could shake their head and the other could toss their hair? Hope you don’t mind me saying πŸ™‚


    1. I don’t mind at all. I’ve made a little edit so that Ellie is no longer shaking her head, I hope that improves the flow of the piece. Thank you for the constructive criticism.


  4. That was a sweet little ghost story. They sound very charming. i walk my dogs up there, going right around the castle. Haven’t met these two yet, but summer’s getting close, so maybe I will.


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