There is power in knowledge we say.

Hands sunk into pages,

curling under typography and quill scratch

to drag out the secrets

someone else left behind.


There is power in knowledge we say.

Tapping at temples

to indicate something more

locked away under synapse and cell,

a threat that the safety

could easily be clicked off.


There is power in words we say,

even ones unheard.

Loose lips spill secrets,

cost lives,

loose wars…

then again,

clever ones can do just the same.


  1. The full force of this poem, if you’ll excuse my own wordplay, I think lies in the second stanza. The double-meaning of “Tapping at temples/to indicate something more/locked away under synapse and cell,” particularly in “temples” and “cell.” I love it, Carol!


    1. Thank you very much,. I’ll admit that was my favourite stanza when I wrote the piece, and of course, play-word excused. What fun is language if we don’t have the chance to play around with it.


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