Taking On The King

“I think,” said Death, my bishop clattering onto the table-top as he slid his queen across the board, “that it takes a certain type of fearlessness to defy a King.”

“Oh really?” I asked, scowling at the three pawns that were all that was left of my defence, he was just playing with me now. “What makes you say that exactly,”

“Oh you know,” Death shrugged, knuckles now pressed into his jawline as he waited for me to make the next move, “they all generally end up in the same place.”

“Maybe,” I said, “but you never know, fearlessness might simply be some greater fear in disguise.”

I watched Death falter through my lashes.

“Oh,” he said quietly. “Perhaps.”

Grinning I slid one of my pawns forward.

“You’re still losing you realise?” said Death.

“Yeah I know, but I had you stunned for a moment there so I’m counting this game as a victory anyway.”

This started as my entry for Lilly McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction Challenge Fearless but instead it turned into something a little bit longer. The characters are the same as in my piece In Warmer Climes so if you’ve not read that make sure to check it out.


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