Save Yourself [Contains Swearing]

“You didn’t even try to save me!” Amanda gasped, hands clutching her knee-caps as if she’s afraid they may fall off onto the seed-weed strewn floorboards of the cabin at any moment.

“You were fine,” Griffin drawled. He keeps his eyes fixed on the mechanisms of his gun, polish rag dropped in his laps as he tries to find whatever’s jamming. Before she walked in he’s been swearing twelve shades of blue and threatening to feed Jarred to the dogs. Who Jarred was she hadn’t got a clue.

“You left me to drown!” she snapped, voice stronger now she wasn’t spitting up salt-water.

“You were performing what looked like a pretty effective butterfly manoeuvre to me.”

“I was flailing!”

“And wonderfully so!” grinned Griffin.

“Why didn’t you do something?” she demanded. “I could have died and then it would have been on you!”

Griffin shrugged.

“I could have tried to save you I suppose. However, I didn’t want to offend you.”

“Offend me? How the fuck would you saving me from drowning offend me?” she screeched.

Griffin shrugged again.

“Feminist sensibilities,” he answer, grinning as he located the problem with his firearm. “Gottcha you little bastard.”

“What has politics got to do with any of this?” Amanda scowled. “Are you telling me that I’m cold, wet and probably developing some form of bronchial iciness because you didn’t want to appear like a misogynists?”


“I was drowning Griffin!”

“Yes, you did mention that already.”


Griffin place one finger in his ear and wiggled it around.

“I didn’t want you to think that I thought a woman couldn’t save herself, and look! You even proved that a woman could save herself without male assistance!”

“Griffin.” She stepped closer, closing the space so that she was stood over him and his stupid gun. “I’m going to fucking well kill you one of these days.”


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  1. Nice! Detailed descriptions, funny, and in my opinion, relevant to today’s issues with men and women.


    1. I’m glad you think so, I believe in equality regardless or race, gender or sexual orientation, but these days you seem to get a paranoia with political correctness that almost defeats the point of equality.


      1. Lol, I agree. There must be a ‘try too hard to be equal’ factor that makes things go too far in one extreme. And it’s too easy to offend people in cases where no offense was ever meant.


  2. It had a very light narrative tone for a conversation about being left to drown. It felt ‘playful’ to me and I was smiling while I read it.

    Did you notice you shifted between present and past tense in the first two paragraphs?


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