The Novelist

antique-desk[PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields]

Sir Edward had started fifty different novels seated at his grandfather’s desk and that was where they all remained. Each one tucked away at various stages of incomplete, to be returned to when he finally found the inspiration to do them justice.
His wife had laughed at him.
“Another one? Really my love, I’m starting to think that your desk may be cursed?”
He shrugged her off with a fresh page, tucking away her scorn with the rest of his words.
“It’s a poet’s desk,” warned his father. “You won’t write much but rhyme.”
“Perhaps,” said Sir Edward, “but there’s still plenty to write.”

fridayfictioneers.jpg[104 Words]


  1. Dear Carol,

    “…tucking away her scorn with the rest of his words.” My favorite line in your story. As a novelist, I relate to all those manuscripts set aside for future inspiration. Nicely done.




  2. in my humble opinion, he’s doing ok. after all, how can he finish something he hasn’t even started? the journey to a thousand words begins with a single word.


    1. You should see the lengths I’ve gone to to try and keep the creative juices flowing. You’re right, sometimes a change of scenery is the only thing that’s needed.


  3. I really liked this and most things I was going to say have been said already, but I must add my love of your line ‘…tucking away her scorn with the rest of his words’

    Nicely done



  4. Writing a novel would be a nightmare for me. I like the “poet’s desk” and his shrugging her off with a fresh page:) That’s what it takes. I enjoyed this one.


  5. A very interesting read.

    I enjoyed the well written and versed conversation between wife and husband. There is a “lingering” quality to this that I can’t quite explain — but it is pleasant. 🙂


  6. Nicely written, and a great little story tucked away right here. Oh yes, the story we must return to, and I like the idea of the cursed desk. Great job, Carol!


  7. Such a nice take on the prompt. Sometimes it really helps to ‘mothball’ a novel and come back to it later – can provide some objectivity. Loved ‘tucking away her scorn with the rest of his words’ – inspired.


  8. Dear Carol, I like your story and it’s so true, I have countless stories hanging around and I wonder what to do with them. But someone above had a good idea to combine and bind them for prompts – brilliant! Nan


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