Clearly In A Productive Mood

I worked a lot in August. A lot. And my writing suffered for it. 

But now I’m back!

I mean today has been productive, really productive. So far I have written four pieces of flash fiction (yes they may be less that 200 words each but they still count when it comes to an individual tally!) Three have been published, one by mistake (scheduling had an argument with me and I lost,) and one is organised to go up tomorrow! So haha life! I have a day’s head start on you!

For those of you interested, look across at the recent posts widget to find my wonderful, for a change humorous, works.

If I’m honest the last month and half has not been as useless for my writing as it may seem at first glance. I had a great poetry set last Thursday and came away feeling really wonderful about my poetry, I was featured by two different sites for my flash fictions (once again, refer to the right for linking widgets), and I’ve got a fairly solid start for my novel with a few more chapters ready to slot in when I want them. 

I’m feeling more professional about my work and it’s good… I think.

I’m also thinking about writing more flash fiction to keep back ready for a collection in either 2015 or 2016. 2016 is probably the more likely as I’ve got my dissertation to write for university this year and that is going to require a huge amount of leg work. (Read as late night, tea fueled research sessions.) 

It will be my last year down in Bath. Something I’ve got mixed feelings about as I’ve loved most of the people I’ve met and as a person being away from home as been a great learning experience. But I miss Shropshire! I’m a Shropshire lass through and through it seems, so excuse me while I dig out the wellies and entrench myself firmly in this field from where I’ll continue on my rant. 


Ahem, anyway…

So August hasn’t been all bad and September is looking fairly good. Still busy but when am I not?


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