Precocious Much?

An experiment in dialogue. I have written purely dialogue based pieces before, but I tend to find them a lot more difficult to create and therefore tend to avoid them LIKE THE PLAGUE. Not that the plague is that difficult to avoid in somewhere like Shropshire and Bath. So maybe that saying should be adapted to “avoid it like someone who’s clearly suffering the oh so dreaded common cold. RUN CHILD RUN!” Anyway, this isn’t actually my submission for VisDare, just my take on the word attached to the prompt itself. I’ll do my entry for the real prompt for tomorrow. She says hopefully and with all the best intentions that can be mustered this side of the atmosphere. Wow I’m in a weird mood today. 

Random rant aside I would love to hear any feedback that any of you may have, but more importantly I hope you enjoy the story.


(141 Words)

“Do you have any idea how old words like that make you sound when you actually say them?”
“What? You mean precocious?”
“Yeah. I mean precocious. It makes you sound like something dragged up from the reign of Queen Vicky.”
“Actually, in it’s current state the word originates from the mid seventeenth century, but before that it can be traced back to the Latin praecoquere which means to ripen fully. However, if you go back further you’ll find the true roots are within two other Latin phrases, those being prae, before, and coquere, to cook. Neat huh?”
“I suppose.”
“You’ve got to love a Latin root, it really makes you feel like you know the word.”
“You’re starting to sound a little precocious yourself now.”
“Yeah, well you sound like a monarch slaying puritan. That’s not even how you use precocious!”


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