“Have you ever thought about travelling the world?” he asked her, sliding into the seat across from the one she’d snagged in the corner of the coffee shop. “I hear Nepal is nice this time of year.”
“Nepal?” she said, drawing her cappuccino a little closer. “Why Nepal?”
He shrugged and fiddled with the handle of his cup.”
“I just said, I heard it’s nice this time of year.”
“Then go.”
“I would, but I can’t alone.”
“Not got one.”
“Not my type.”
“That would just be sad.”
She narrowed her eyes at the stranger.
“Just take a friend if that’s all that’s stopping you.”
“Now that’s a great idea. Hi, my name’s Mark.”
“Tammy, nice to meet you, I think we should be friends.”
“We’ve just met, like two seconds ago.”
“And already I sure you’re the sort of girl who wants to see Nepal.”


(150 Words)


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