Power Trip

“One does not simply kill their nemesis,” announced Edward as his daughter walked through the sitting room door with her morning coffee. “One must be more creative!”
Sarah stared at her father and then down at her miniaturized tutor scampering across the coffee table.
“Okay…” she said, ignoring Edward as he collapsed into the sofa sniggering.”You do realise Miss Trunt is not my nemesis right?”
“Anyone who seek to dominate us is a nemesis!” Edward shot up off the sofa and scooped Miss Trunt up in one hand. The woman screamed as he swung her across to face Sarah. “See her now! See how fragile she is to us!”
Sarah heard Miss Trunt whimper.
“Put her down Dad,” she sighed. “I really don’t have time for this again.”
“This! This!” spluttered her father. “This is important!”
“No, it’s not.”
“Re-size her Dad!”
“I can’t,” he whined. “I lost the instructions.”

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