Stake Out

“It’s too cold for this,” Natalia whined, trying to avoid touching the metal arms of the rattan chair. Michael scowled at her.

“Can you at least try to look like you want to be here. I don’t want a repeat of Denmark.”

“We got out alive didn’t we,” Natalia shrugged.

“Only just. You have a way of turning simple into deadly.”

“You’re exaggerating,” she grinned. “Three guys with machine guns, nothing major about that.”

“For you maybe,” Michael snorted. “You forget-”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re a geek, not an operative…”

“We’ve got movement-”

“I mean I don’t- hey wait! Where are you going?”


Copyright-Melanie Greenwood

I really like writing about spies.

Edit: The Follow Up Piece Is Called ‘Sword Play’ and I’ve got a friend who’s drawing it as well! Yay!


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