Power Base

“You want me to build what?” Edwin spluttered, his voice bouncing off the open bonnet above him. Leaving his wrench on the engine he pulled himself upright and glared at the woman currently standing in his workshop. “I am not getting started with that crap again.”

“Come on Eddie” pleaded Melissa, “Just one.”

“No,” said Edwin. “Last time I charmed something for you Rome burned, and I mean literally.”

“So I was a rebel teenager,” shrugged Melissa.

“For five-hundred years?”

“I mature slowly, but I swear I’ll behave myself this time!”

“No Mel, it’s over. I’m not your witch anymore.”



  1. Dear Carol,

    If I’ve learned one thing from the other side of the pond, I’ve learned that the bonnet you speak of is what we refer to as the hood of the car. 😉

    Sounds like the end of an enchanted relationship. Nicely done.




  2. Carol, 500 years is one long adolescence. I wouldn’t have wanted mine to be that long. A bit of magic makes an interesting story. I agree it would make an interesting longer story or novel. Well written. 🙂 — Susan


    1. I actually started working it into something longer yesterday, but this morning someone revealed I apparently have to write a 1,000 word contextual essay for my dissertation so it seems my expanded piece is going to have to wait. *chuckles nervously while checking beneath the rug for yet for hidden deadlines*


    1. I think maturity is something that needs to be measured on a sliding scale by an hourly basis. I can be incredibly mature, and then I can also end up screeching “NOOOOOO!” as I loose the tickle fight I initiated with the boyfriend. It all depends on my mood and my tea intake.


  3. Carol,
    that’s a great punchline. There does seem like there’s a novel in here somewhere, although it might be an epic with the kinds of lifespans you’re talking about. Lots of room for development, anyway. 🙂


  4. So he’s a witch who’s had, or trying to have, a career change. Very funny. I think Melissa’s not going to give up easily – she’d be quite persistent if she held onto her adolescent angst for so long.


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